Top 13 job strengths


Top 13 job skills every employer want
Hi i’m David, I rewrote the list of 24 job strengths to top 13 job strengths. These are the strengths that any recruiter wants from you. I hope this list will help your interview and your career more.
When you apply for a job, employers will assess you and check whether you have what it takes for the applied job. They will verify your resume, job applications and cover letters to see whether you are a potential candidate. An interview will be held which will help in knowing where your true strength lies by asking multiple job related questions.
Before going to an interview prepare a list of your strengths and weakness so that it could be discussed with the hiring manager in the right way, towards your advantage. The list should be based upon requirements relevant to the applied job.

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1. Communication

The most basic necessity of a job is to have strong oral and written communication skills. It is useful in almost every step of the way, like conversing with a potential client, on presentations, and writing emails on a daily basis.
The communication skills are mainly assessed on how you write your job application. The hiring manager will look closely on how you manage to uphold the interview and make use of your communication skills.
Here is best communication skills video in job interviews:

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2.   Flexibility

In order to complete your everyday tasks you need to form some sort of flexibility in your attitude and working hours. You have to be determined enough to adapt to the changing environment. You will definitely be preferred if you show that you are willing to bring the required adjustments in your work schedule.

3. Teamwork

On some days you are asked to do a certain job with others, as a part of a team. It is important to develop an ability to work well with others efficiently. The employee who has the tendency to excel in teamwork has additional bonus points in front of other employees.

4. Dependability

It is important that an employee displays professionalism and responsibility so that he becomes a trusted and reliable person for other employees.This can be shown by being in office on time regularly and perform your tasks well within the given timeline.

5. Analytics skills

How well you collect and analyze information, solve problems and make correct decisions directly affects the quality of your work. You can’t escape analysis as it will face you at least once in your job. These skills can be worked towards your success as they are needed to increase productivity of a company by solving complex problems.

6. I Know How to Use My Resources to Do the Job Right

Nobody is perfect; it is okay to discuss your weakness in an interview as they wouldn’t expect you to know about everything at such an early stage. Make sure that you convince them that you are perfectly capable to find solutions for those weaknesses as that would prove to be a very extraordinary skill.

7. I Am Positive and Enthusiastic in Any Work Environment

It is crucial to show the hiring manager that you are a positive person and can adapt in versatile work environment. Let them know that you are anxiously looking forward towards company success and are willing to display utter loyalty. Show them that you don’t fear ups and down, and have the capability to survive in shaky circumstances with positive energy and dedication.

8. I Have a Strong Work Ethic, and When I Commit to a Deadline, I’ll Do Whatever It Takes to Meet It

If you do things right, there cannot be a single person who can prove you wrong. Even though you might have to invest in extra working hours, but it will be worth the time and effort. Always be ready to face a new day on time, and show the world that you mean business.

9. I Understand People

How well you interact, understand and work with people will definitely get reflected in being a fantastic team player, outstanding leader and providing high quality customer service. This can prove to be a key to your success as it is a very valuable skill, searched by various companies.

10. I Have X Years of Experience in This Field and Have Learned Versatility and Adaptability

It is a widely known fact, that in order to get a job you have to have some sort of an experience. Even if you don’t have a degree, but have a 15 years plus experience, you will have more value than a fresh graduate with an excellent degree. So make sure that in an interview, mention your experience towards your advantage.
Subtly let them know, that years of experience has polished your skills, so much that you are always ready to tackle a new challenge with ease.

11. Organizational and planning skills

You should make sure that your organizational and planning skills are so seamless that you are able to prioritize, manage time, meet deadlines, set targets and achieve them efficiently and effortlessly.

12. Decision-making/judgment

The best and the most sound decision is made after careful thought, gathering the required information, pondering at various different options, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, checking which solution is best suited to the problem and then make the decision confidently.

13. Problem solving

Last but certainly not the least, your ability to identify, analyze and find solutions to the problems should be very good as it would greatly affect the company. You should be able to discover best possible solutions, and find out their consequences, and then decide the best solution to move forward with.
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