Quaden Bayles | Where Are They Now? | 9 Year Old Actor ???


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you can't bully just stand up foryourself and don't listen what can I say after a video of Quaid and Baylesslamenting about bullies would go viral the world over having him trend onTwitter Facebook YouTube and become a new story heard all over the world aftera GoFundMe page was set up and queda would receive over four hundred fiftythousand dollars on a ten thousand dollar goal which was to send him andhis mother to Disneyland Kidd made some Bank and everybody keepssaying like oh he's lying about his aged isn't that now everything is gonna belike the last case I really don't think the his ina on his age and just becauseguess videos of him crossing money and acting all gangster and I think Alcorneverything it doesn't mean that kids do not pick on him after Quaid and we gettons of love from online celebrities including Hugh Jackman Jeffrey DeanMorgan cardi B and get to walk out on field for an all-star and digitus gameof some Aussie football quite inbound Georgia rise just last week a heartbreaking storyabout a nine-year-old child with dwarfism it went viral and theInternet's reaction well it was pretty intense now first off there was theunprecedented amount of support that came in pretty quickly and there wasalso the astonishing amount of money made but then them online bullies theygot to work and they were trying to debunk this kids story they were statingthat his crisis it was awful lies he was actually rich and famous and also animpostor now to be fair the kid he does look pretty bad as well riding around inhis with Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne no the online division it wasactually insane it's strange to see how people can react to something asheartbreaking as a nine-year-old child brought to tears after being picked upfrom school now the video would certainly struck a chord as the originalvideo posted it clocked in over 25 million views before it was taken downnow media attention it isn't something new to Quay Dan and his mom now the pairthat have appeared on television in Australia plenty of times before what you do now his mother's been documenting hisjourney on social media since he was three or four and it looks like we'regonna be seeing a whole lot more of Quetta in the future I mean he mighteven get a chance to break into Hollywood as a new mini-me for the nextgeneration what's going on guys this boy Michael mcreddin coming at you with anew where they now video on your boy Quaid and bailiffs now a few otherrecent drops in this series include Jake Lloyd from Star Wars Fame and rapperAkon now this channel of works off suggestions from you guys so you needyou to let us know who's next in the comments down below also leave some nicecomments for a little quaid ed heck if the kid ever comes to Toronto I totallylet him film in for me as hosts all right let's hope that happens and nowlet's get into this video they said film instead of film no onecaught that right I think we're good Guinan Bayless was born on December 132010 in Brisbane Australia and is of Aboriginal descent now he was born viaan emergency caesarean his mom Jerrica well she took years to accepther son's diagnosis though she'd never met anybody with her son's conditionbefore his birth she finally admitted he had orphism after some time and denialI'd convinced myself that they had it wrong that the yeah the diagnosis waswrong and then they tested like so they done blood tests x-rays photographs Iwas taking photos have been every single day in the bath showing my god mom mydad and what the doctors have got it wrong Heylook look he's he looks normal he's like the rest of that kids he's avails we'vegot that big book head like what are they going on about as he grew older wasobvious that Quaid and he was developing different from other babies his age nowwe quickly began to experience health issues including sleep apnea andrecurring ear infections though he's had numerous procedures to keep him aliveincluding the removal of his tonsils and his adenoids to improve his breathingand his sleeping he's very self-conscioushe he's aware that he's different he's you know obviously got the bigger headand disproportionate body and either short limbs and chubby little hands andfeet he always wants to be covered up he never you know so he'll always like towhat it's almost like he needs to be in disguise to feel safe in public dealingwith her son's condition his mom she went into a deep depression for sometime now both parents they battled with addiction for many years that's thealcohol of drugs and at one time well they were mixed up in a life of crimenow his father he was locked up when Quaid and was roughly around four yearsold which left his mother to take care of him all on her own so I probably thelast six months of being by myself and really struggling readjusting and it'sbeen a real struggle financially I've been left with the house the vehiclesand then looking after my dad so managing to households three kids threevehicles and now I'm on a disability pension and it's like it's just not mydad and I can't survive it was a poor note that his mother she states that shewas healthy during pregnancy and is now sober dedicating all her freetime to taking care of her son she also has three other children she has twindaughters lily and ghoulia also another daughter known as Cecilia now the familythey have a long history of advocacy for aboriginals going back to his greatgrandmother and great-grandfather also his sister's well they're using socialmedia to spread awareness one of his sisters is actually an Instagram modelso I'm sure she's bringing it's infused with that now queenan's condition thatresulted enough bullying problems on its own but his mother states that it's partof a bigger problem now he faces bullying on top of this for being ofNative descent she stated people don't understand that's a double-edged swordthere's racism and then there's discrimination because of the disabilityin 2015 Quaid and his mom they appeared on an Australian TV show known as studioten and here they discussed their campaign to fight for the stigmaassociated with dwarfism now on there they played a video which showed a thenthree-year-old Quaid and shouting stop looking at me that was to a group ofgirls who were staring at him while they were at the grocery store it's okay you don't like everybody looking at youhe was also featured on a program known as living black an Australian televisionprogram about the Australian indigenous community this was also filmed in 2015in the episode Ian's surgery to relieve pressure on his brain and spinal cord toprevent neurological damage consequences prior to the procedure they were direnow he could have ended up in a wheelchair for life or losing the use ofhis arms and legs now fortunately the surgery and was the success but waitedhe still would have the real world to deal with now trips to the grocery storethey resulted to people pointing and staring at social media it had its ownnightmares now when the mother would post pictures to Facebook they wouldregularly witness comments like this is what happens when you do drugs duringpregnancy no the family is very active on social media as is everyone in thisday and age and that while they're trying to bring attention to Quaid hiscondition and their Aboriginal rights groups but it appears that each day isan uphill battle even going to school for Quaid and is enough to push him totears as we've all seen in that video that's now gone viralsomeone who quickly brought a lot of attention to this video was comedianBrad Williams and he decided to set up a GoFundMe page with a modest pool of tenthousand dollars to send Quaid and his mother to Disney World in Anaheim that'sthe good one now today the total sum has surpassed over four hundred fiftythousand dollars and the donations will they just keep on rolling in now I got afeeling that money it's gonna go a long way allowing the family to pay off theirhouse their medical bills and it'll set them up for whatever future ambitionsthe young boy has also on the upside while queenan's recurring appearances onTV well they've opened up the doors for thepossibility of him working in the world of entertainment now he's actually gothimself on a website where he is listed as an actor is an extra he's a model andhis bio it reads I'm currently based in Brisbane but often traveling I lovesports animals food family and fashion I have a big social media following for mybright and bubbly personality because I love making people laugh I embrace myuniqueness and inspire people to be happyand appreciate the simple things in life I have a photographic memory great formemorizing lines and I love being in front of the camera you can watch mydocumentary and other TV appearances in the video links and please feel free tofollow my journey on my social media pages in links below great it asuperstar in the making and natural-born entertainer with a big bright futureahead he's now with celebrity known the world over and he's already been invitedto big events like an all-star footy game I think that's how you say inAustralia footy now I'm not now there are still those online grasping atstraws trying to prove that the kid is older or richer than he is which reallyjust goes to show you how crazy people on the internet actually can be and itlooks like Weyden well he's chopped up a giant W in more than one way and I'mactually really excited to see what the future has in store from I'll actuallyplace a bet that he's gonna end up on the dr.

Phil show like right now I meanthey're always calling everyone they've even called me dr.

Phil showsteam they move very quickly as for that's the story I think I'm gonna wrapthis one up here because this is where are they now but in spite will cretinkeep your requests coming in for who we should feature next and that I'll seeyou guys in another video.

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