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Don't look at the camera.


Look at the produceron the right.

– Okay.

– Look over here.

– Ready?- Yes.

Honestly, I thinkit's for the best.

I knew it'd be over.

It's better to let go soon when you know it's hopeless.

Hurry, sis!You gotta watch this! – Not watching?- I want to sleep.

– Did you eat?- Yes.

What wrong?She never misses this.

If you're going to break up, better to do it sooner.

And get on with your life.

That's it.

I'm actually relieved.

Am I sad? No.

Why would I be? I feel fine.

I'm happy.

– And the husband?- Hiding and watching.

Today's show will be crazier.

The wife got madand checked into the hospital.

Got sick?It's so crazy.

I have to watch today's show.

Should've watched last night's episode.

What was I doing? I should've watched it.

Very Ordinary Couple People cry and freak out when they break up.

But that's for TV dramas, not real life.

After I broke up, I realized.



This is freedom! Shit! I'm free!I'm a free man! If it won't work, go your separate ways.

Meet other peopleand live happily.

I think.



that's way better.

Hyo-sun, you look way hotter in person.

How can you be so pretty? Hyo-sun.

He saw your pics and begged meto introduce you.

You're handsome, too.

I wasn't askingto hear that.

Let's drink up!Cheers! – Cheers!- Cheers! Shit! What? Bitch.



What's wrong? You drunk? Call Young to come here now! When did he get so drunk? Call Young to come here now! Young is his best friend.

Drink some water.

Damn fool! Damn! – Are you crazy!- Make the call! – What's with you!- Call her to come! – You bastard!- Bro! What's with you! I'm dying to see Young.



It's hard to sayI'm sorry.



I'm so sorry about this.

Last night?Did I do something? Was I really drunk? I don't remember.

– You drank again?- Sort of.

Didn't go home again? Go to a motel.

Why always sleep here? It's not a day or two.

It costs a lot.

Just beg your wifefor forgiveness.

This is bad.


JANG?Will you catch my bouquet? – Me?- All my friends are moms.

You've dated for long.

Aren't you getting married soon? – She broke up.

– Really? It's over.

When? Why? Just because.



Then, you're set.

Find a man at my wedding.

That's a true bridesmaid.

It's okay.

Just catch the bouquet.

Catch the bouquet.

I don't mix businesswith pleasure.

You can date a co-worker, but I think it should bekept confidential.

Oh, right.

Did you know Mr.

LEE broke upwith his girlfriend? – Who said that?- Mr.


He found out about Dong-hee and I about a year ago.

By accident.

He tried to kiss me once and Dong-hee punched him 5m back.

He's the only one who knew we were dating.

I heard the girl wasa real psycho.

– A psycho?- How? She's hysterical and stalks him.

A total lunatic.

Wasn't he seriously dating? Guess you never knowtill the wedding.

Psycho? I'm a psycho? Of course not.

I was just kidding.

Why am I a psycho? I never stalked him! When was I ever hysterical? Tell me the exact time and dateI did that! – Ms.

JANG?- Yes? Want me to introduce someone? He's great.

Chief MIN at headquarters.

I'll call him out to our party.

Come to see him.

I can't go.

I'm busy today.

Just stop by and see him.

– He's really nice and smart.

– Chief! Forget her.

How about a girl for me? Ms.

JANG has high standards.

She won't look at just any guy.

I don't have high standards.

They're very low.

I always dated bums.

What high standards? Really? Bums? – Bum?- Yeah.

I always get stabbedin the back by jerks, – you know?- Jerks? So, meet Chief MIN.

Stop by later.

Promise? A bum? A jerk? I don't believe this.

Let's go to the party.

I'm not going, man.

She's being set upwith Chief MIN.

I'm not going!No way! Wait.

Yes? Didn't you sayyou couldn't come? It got cancelled.

So conveniently cancelled.

What's it to you? He seems okay.

Good luck with him.

I think he's great, too.

We have to work together, so let's try to be civil.

We're not kids.

We can be civil to each other.

Of course.


JANG? What? Call me, 'Mr.

LEE', please.

Remember the laptopyou borrowed? What? You borrowed my laptop.

You said you'll return it.

I'd like it back as soon as possible.

Of course, I'll return it.

I apologize.


You had it for long.

It's only rightto return it soon.

I will return it.

I really need it.

Soon! You always say you will.

I'd like it back this time.

I'll trust you.


– Bye!- Don't go! – Please stay.

– I should go.

You just met.

Excuse me.

You're older.

– Mind if I called you bro?- Sure.

I've known Ms.

JANG for a long time.

She's really great.

She seems like a nice person.

When you start dating, you'll see some faults, too.

But please be good to her.

She's sensitive.


JANG's great except when she's dating.



I shouldn't say this about her.

What about mewhen I'm dating? Nothing.

As you date her, you'll know.

I want to know.

What is it? What's with you? I was trying to help.

Want me to really tell? Come on, Ms.


I'm kidding.


Don't get mad.

Here's a nice, cold drink as a sign of truce? I'm sorry.


Oops! Ms.

JANG! Oh no! You're all wet.

I'm so sorry.

Are you okay? I must be drunk.

My mistake.

My hand slipped.

It wasn't on purpose.

– What's with them?- No idea.


JANG?Are you crazy? I'm not crazy! You seem quite drunk, Mr.


And you seem lightheaded over meeting a man, Ms.


It's inappropriateat an office party like this.

Why don't you go elsewhereand play, Mr.

LEE? Who cares if a psychotic woman goes lightheaded? I'm just a psycho! Hey! What's with you! What are you doing? Did you even like me? – What?- Why did you date me? You lied about loving me? Get it straight! You're the one who wantedto break up and be civil.

You're the one who just waitedfor me to say that! You met me out of dutyand waited for me to give up! I pretended I didn't know, but it made me wanna puke! You're driving meabsolutely insane! You, too! Stay out of my sight or I'll kill you.

You stay out of mine! Shit!Come back here! Hey! Relax! – Crazy bitch.

– Son of a bitch.

Young! So quickly! Ms.

JANG!Young! Don't leave like that! You forgot to pay! How can they put onan act like that? They dated all this time without any of us knowing? Must've slept together, right? No such things as secrets.

But I hope they get back together again.

Bank clerks can be sensitive.

It's all the stress talking Everyone's like that.

I ditched dirt on Ms.

JANG and Mr.

LEE all the time.

All that talking behindtheir backs for nothing? Actually, I hada school reunion, today.

I debated whetherto go there or here.

It was good I came here.

It was fun.

– God damn it!- Stop! Why did you hold me back, fool! Just sit down! – Mr.

LEE Dong-hee?- Yes.

Package delivery.

– $30, please.

– What? – Pay upon delivery.

– What? What the! How the hell? Man! I could just kill her! Young! Come out here! Delivery for $50.

There's something wrongwith last month's bill.

You have a couple planwith Ms.

JANG Young? I cancelled that.


JANG charged $300to her phone.

With all her charges and data, everything comes to $720.

Why should I pay forher clothes and bags! The phone is under your name.

I'm sorry.

Please pay by this date.

Why is it wrong? I checked your account, sir.

Your balance is not enough to.



Young wantsthe number 3 profile chart.

What profile chart? With this month's records.

It's not ready, yet.

She's askingwhen it'll be ready.

I'm not sure.

About 6 months ago.



They fought and didn't talk to each other for a week.

I had to do half their work for that week.

– Can you do it fast?- I'm on it.

Isn't this due today? Don't know.

Do it, now.

It's me asking.

LEE's secret code for everything is 'asdf'.

Left to right on the keyboard.

I tried that for fun2 years ago and it worked.

I've been checking his sitetwice a week.

Once, a girl wrote to himsaying she's a childhood friend.

If I didn't erase it, we could've broken up sooner.

Hon? Still awake? Are you there? Yup, I'm here.

I got startled back then.

Cuz you said it so suddenly.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I came home and thoughtit over.

Though we just met, It's possible.


I love you, too.

I heard she's onlya junior in college.


LEE must begood with the girls.

How many yearsis she younger? I thought he was different.

What a bastard.

Hope she's nice.

But how did they meet? Mr.

PARK introduced them.

That's good.

I hope it works out.

I hope she's nice.

It's only natural.

Even divorced peopleget remarried.

One moment, please.

JOO Hyo-sun 0-1-0-2-6-3-1-9-3-2-3.



Why are you here? Mr.

PARK!Report things on time.

Must I come hereto verify things! – Hello?- Excuse me.

– Is this Ms.

JOO Hyo-sun?- Yes? – How are you these days?- Pardon? Who is this? Ah, this is SK Telecom.

We had a draw to give away new cell phones.

You've been selectedthis month.

– May I have your address?- I'm not interested.

But it's not a scam.

We're giving it to you for free.

– Just the phone?- Yes.

I can send it to youright now.

Your ID, please? Do I have to sign upfor stuff? No, not at all.

It's just the phone for free.

I'm in a class, now.

Could you call back later? Is it okay to answer phonesduring class? What? Just tell me the address now, and we'll send it to you.


– I'll try the one on the end.

– Okay.

– This?- No, no.



the one above that.

– Right.

– This? I'll try that one, too.

Which would you like? I can't see you, honey.

Hey! I believed you! Okay.

I'll be right there.

– Hey!- Sorry.

Aren't you a little late for our date? Why you!What time is it? I really love you! Wanna get married this week? DELETE What's this?I'm busy.


– Pay up.

– What? Money you borrowed from me.

It's around $3, 000.

Pay back, now.

What money? I pitched in for your laptop and you borrowed on our dates.

And remembermy birthday last year? You didn't buy me a gift, but I paid $500 for your suit.

It all adds up to $3, 000.


You broke my laptop.

It cost more to fix it, so I threw it out.

Your cell phone billcame to over $700.

I borrowed from youon our dates? I bought you drinks, food, clothes, and took you home on cabs.

How can you ask mefor money? I cleaned your room, cooked, and brought you food.

Your salary isn't enoughto pay for all my housework! Just be thankfulI didn't calculate that in! You spent money on our dates? I always ate before I met you.

When you paid, I ordered the cheapest stuff.

Still, you gave me looks and made me feel bad.

– I did not!- You did.

– Me?- You did! If I didn't order the cheapest, you wouldn't talk all day.

Such a cheapskate.

Do whatever you want!I'm not paying! Then, I'll just get the moneyfrom your girlfriend.

Hyo-sun, was it? – JOO Hyo-sun- What? – What the hell are you doing?- Number, 010.



– How'd you know!- Leave it! – Give it to me!- Leave it! – Give it to me!- No way! Damn it! – Damn it!- Shit! Hey! What's with you! Still not over me? Don't flatter yourself.

I never liked you.

You followed me around so much, I dated you out of pity.

So, don't even think aboutnot paying me! How could you! Bro! Big news! Mr.

KIM and Chief SOHNhad an affair! Mr.

KIM's wife is here! Does everyone break uplike this? Love is beautiful, but why is breaking up so ugly? Because you'll miss it? Because you want it back? You can't control love.

You break up because you don't want to get hurt? Say, 'I love you' a million times, but it all ends with one sentence.

Who truly loves someone? You meet, fall in love, then break up all by chance.

Life happens all by chance.

There's no meaning.

– Ma'am!- Dear! – Stop it! Dear!- Carry her! Mr.

KIM! Isn't your phone ringing? Hello? Yes.

Who's this? Wait.

How about you pay? What? I always pay.

You should pay, too.

– For this?- Yeah.

Don't want to? It's okay.

I'll buy.



Young! – How have you been?- Good.

Here it comes.

I think I ate something bad.

I have an upset stomach.

I'm sorry.

I can't take you home.

I'll go.

I didn't knowyou wanted to work abroad.

I'm just looking into it.

Going abroad is nice.

You'd be so popular there.

They love Asian women.

If you're really serious, tell me.

I'll do what I can to help.

What relationship is badfrom the start? But as time passed, I couldn't take it.

That day, we got free ticketsto a place we never went to.

An amusement parkwith bumper cars.

I packed a picnic and went.

We fought big overriding scary rides and such.

What did he say then? We bickered from the bat because it wasn't fun.

He said something, then I said something.

I can't remember.



Anyway, he's a total jerk.

I think it was a waste of my time and effort.

He's terrible at work, too.

Always slacking on the job and getting the numbers wrong.

Covering for his mistakes, he never got a real paycheck.

His very existenceis a nuisance! – Hello?- Hi, hon! Where are you? I'm at a mall with friendsto buy clothes.




I'm a little sick right now.

Can you come by? What's that noise? – Huh?- Let's go! Hyo-sun? Must be a celebrity here.

It's crazy! Who is it?Take pictures! I'll call you later.

Hey! Your guest went tothe washroom, right? Yes.

I'm in a rush!Come out! Hurry! She's out of it.

Young? What's wrong? Are you okay? Wake up! Young? Are you okay? I'll take you home.

Mister! Wait! Where's the nearest hospital? – Hospital?- Yes! – Go straight to the big street.

– And? – Then turn left.

– Left? Then, turn right at the lights.

Right?Was it left? You'll see when you get there.

Turn left and.



Hey, Mister!Wait! Close the door.

How can I! I'm gonna puke.

Bro! No! I just got thisa few weeks ago! Damn it! Let me in! Almost killed me! Why go to Busan? Don't worry, I'll turn back.

They won't let me cut in.




I get indigestion and colds a lot.

Young got some pillsfor me before.

As soon as I took that, I'd jump right back to normal.

It worked really well on me.

I must've sent it backby accident with her stuff.

I should've kept that.

I can't remember what it's called.

Bastard! It's been hours.

We're lost with no hospital in sight.

The plastic smellmakes me wanna puke.

Bro! Don't rip the bag! Just drive me home.

We're almost there.

DAEJEON GENERAL HOSPITAL – Visiting from Seoul?- No.

On a business trip, then? That's not it.

I couldn't exit off the highway.

So, I circled around and ended up here.


Yeah? Sorry, I gotta go.

I gotta leave now or I'll be late for work.

I'll go and tell them you're really sick.


Take care.

That jerk! We're 3 hours from Seoul.

I've always wanted a change.

I had it like this since high school.

Good thing is, I found this under the bed.

And this, too.

Dong-hee gave it to mefor my birthday.

But I lost the CD.

It's my first time hearing it.

This couple is a match made in holy matrimony.

You pledge to loveeach other forever.

Since, you are nowa married couple.



I got divorced.

What? What do I do now? Can I see you for a sec? Sorry, it's late.

I finally remembered this time.

It's $3, 000.

– It's okay.

You keep it.

– No.

Take it.

I shouldn't have taken it.

How's your girlfriend? Good.

I'm seeing someone, too.



Isn't it greatwe both found people? I guess.

It must be over.

I'd better go inand catch the bouquet.




One, two, three! That's good.

Who'll catch the bouquet? Will the bride step forward? Hey.

Know who Ms.

JANG is dating? Young's got a man? One, two, three! She didn't have to tell meshe found a new guy.

She just said thatto see how I'll react.

She's like that.

Wanting attention.

If she said, 'It's great we found new people'.



Think I'd run back to her or something? Please! That's so old school.

Let's see.



Yes! NO MESSAGES If she really found someone, that's good.

It's a good thing.

It was rough for her too, while he dated.

Hope she meets someone nice.

Hello! I'm the new intern.

– Before starting work.



– Hey! I joined in workshop.



a workshop for new interns.



I'll explain.

It's to promote teamwork.

We go and drink, eat, play sports, and such.

No need to clap.




Drink this.

Have some cookies, too.

Who? – Is it your boyfriend?- No.

Take it.

No, I have lots.

You can have it all.

– It's okay.



– No, I have way too much.

You can have it all.


Nice fresh air.

Ah, Good! You can't get drunkat a place like this.

The air is so fresh.

Welcome to your teamwork retreat.

This is your schedulefor the first day.

From 7 to 8 AM, we'll gather.



From 8 to 9 AM, we'll have orientations Hope to see you all there.

I hope – you all enjoy- What is it? the workshops here.

Thank you.

No way! Why you! You reek, man! – Bro! Bro! Come out for a sec.

– Why? Come out.

Why? – Hello, sir.

– Hi.

What's up? Say what you just said.

Sir, I don't think I should.

Just say it! What is it? But.






Did you know Young was dating Chief MIN? What? Wait, sir.

I can explain.

They even slept together.

I told younot to tell him that! So what? They're adults.

They can sleep together.

We broke up a long time ago.

That's not all! The bastard took pics of Young and is showing people.

Right? – What pics?- What pics do you think? Did you see them? – No.



– Then? He heard it.

From who? Mr.

KIM? Who else do you think? I didn't see them.

I just heard about them.




Just tell us everything.

You knowthey were a serious couple.

Everyone knows about it.

Were the pics taken with consent? If not, it's a crime! They're not datingor anything.

What is it, then? Just slept together once.

What are you saying! Before coming here, Young applied to work abroad.

Anywhere abroad.

If she's willing to leave, it means they're not dating.




How do you know? Who told you? I overheard by chance.

Tell me! Who said that! – Man.



– Sit down.

Get him! Sit here! Ouch! Ouch! Damn it! Tell me! Who told you! It was Chief SOHN! You're not saying thatbecause she's not here, are you? Don't you knowSOHN and MIN are close? And Chief SOHN saw the pics.

Give me her home phone number.

How would I know? I know you know!So, spill it! Hello? Yes.



Hee-yeon's hotel? Why do you want to know? – Who is it?- What's Hee-yeon's hotel number? – Don't know.

– Who is it? It's an emergency.

The bank's been robbed.

Hello? What? Hey! Wake up! Something's wrong.

The bank's been robbed.

– What?- Hurry! Hello? – Chief, it's Dong-hee.

– Hi.

Did Chief MIN sleep with Young? What? I'm with Mr.

KIM right now.

He said you told him.

What are you talking about? Answer me! Did they sleep together or not? Yes.



MIN said that himself? Yes.



So, they're dating? No, it's not that.

Then, what? What is this? We'll talk about thatback in Seoul.

Okay? It's the middle of the night.

Then, what are they! Let's talk about this in Seoul.

What about the robbery? Shit! Who cares! I'm asking if they slept together or not! – Give me the phone.

– I heard that.






bastard took pics of Young! Answer me! Give me the phone! Did you just yell at me? Who cares if they did or not! Yes! They slept together! Young hit on him, slept with him, then didn't take his calls.

MIN got really drunk over thatand told me.

Pics? Think there's muchto look at? It's her faultfor getting them taken.

How can you call me like this on my honeymoon! Hee-yeon.



I got divorcedbecause of you.

You're all I have.

I love you.

Hee-yeon, I miss you.

I really, really love you.

You know I love.



So? They really slept together? Bro! Bro! Bro! Love shot! Love shot! Kiss! Kiss! – So nice!- They suit each other! Chief? – A word with you?- They suit each other.

Hi, Mr.


This is Mr.

LEE – and this is my co-worker.



– Not interested.

Let's step outside.

Bro! Stop.

– Relax.

– Okay.

Let go! Damn it! I'd get up if I were you.

What did you just say? Are you dating JANG Young? JANG Young? Ms.

JANG? Why would I date her? So, you just fooled aroundwith her? Fine.

Let's go talk outside.

Let's go.

– Give me your cell.

– What? Give me your phone!You took pics! I don't know what you heard, but it's not what you think.


Let's go out and talk.

I'll be back soon.

Wait here.

– Yes, sir.

– Let's go outside.

Let go! You son of a bitch! I said give me your cell phone! Mr.

LEE! I'm your superior.

Shit! JANG Young! The man you're datingis Chief MIN? What are you doing insomeone else's room! Stop it! – Stop it!- Back off! Hey! Why did you do it! Answer me! What? Know what that bastard is going around doing? Hey! Did you know or not! Please! You're such a bitch! LEE Dong-hee! Where are you going! Hey! Stop! Going to Seoul! What's it to you? Why do you care who I date or not? You're going way overboard! Shit! You stupid! Fine! It doesn't matter! Who you date and who you get hurt from! But can't you pickthe right guy? Why date a damn bastard and make shitty rumors! Are you out of your mind? Know what people are sayingabout you? They're calling you.



I could kill everyone who know! I'm nowhere near going overboard! That's my business.

It doesn't concern you.

You have no rightto be like this.


I'm the crazy bastard.

All because of you!Shit, I'm the fool! We broke up a long time ago!What's with you! Hey! Why charge in and makes things awkward! You have no rightto yell at me! I slept with him! So what! What about you! Why yell at me! Step aside, please! Mr.

LEE just hit Chief MIN.


LEE dated Ms.



LEE called Chief SOHN and asked if Chief MIN slept with Ms.


But Chief SOHN is onher honeymoon.

Then, Mr.

KIM said he lovedChief SOHN.

I had no idea bankswould be like this.

I think I'll fit right in.

Hey! You son of a bitch! Watch it!You almost killed me! DONG-HEE Where are you? Just.



Just out.

And you? Just outside, too.

I'll come to you.

No, I'll come.

No, we'll miss each other.

Let's meet backwhere we left.

Remember?Think you can find it? Yes.



Then, I'll see you there.

I'm on my way.

I'm on my way, too.

What the hell! Shit.

Where am I? Where was it? Young! Young! Shit.



Hello? Hello? Where are you! Here! What are you doing there? Going to see you.

How'd you get down there? Don't know.

I just kept walking.

Careful! It's slippery! Are you okay? Can't do it.

I'm embarrassed to go back.

What do I do? Texting who? PARK.

To bring back our stuff.

Do you remember? How big our last fight was? What was it about? I don't really remember, either.

You, too? I remember fighting, but can't remember why.

You know what? There's an 82% chance of a couple getting back together.

And only 3% out of them stay together.

97% of them break up again.

Why? For the same reasonsthey broke up.

Wanna go together? I'm scared.

Of what? Think we can fit in the 3%? You know what? The lottery.



The chance of winningis 1 in 1.

84 million.




there's still a winner every week.

So, a 3% chance is big.

That's huge.

Get on! – What?- It's strange.

What is? I'm so nervous.

It feels like the first time.

I'm nervous, too.

Be sure to check on the latest mortgage terms.

The complaints never stop.

– Never stop.

– PARK! With customers around, act diligent if you must.




Check on the mortgage rates.

If you have any questions, – talk to Mr.




– You fool! Last but not least, Mr.

LEE? Hello, sir.

You can date, but don't hit people.

I'm scared to come to work.

– Get to work everyone!- Yes, sir! Let's get to work.

I'll photocopy it.

Hey! You're so dead! – Why?- Come here! – Come here! Come here!- You look way prettier! Come here you! Surrender! – What did you say? – Something came up at home.

Really? Good thinking.

– What should we eat?- Anything.

So, who's not coming today? Ms.

JANG and Mr.

LEE? What if they ran off together? Should we try calling them? Go ahead.

They could be together.

You dated me to pass time? That's not it.

You said, you liked me.

You bastard.


– You're back?- Miss you.

– Did you have fun?- How was it? You're dating Mr.

LEE again? Yes.

That's good.

I got divorced.

How can you ruin my lifelike that! It wasn't on purpose! I didn't know he was listening! How could you not! I was on a honeymoon! How can you say that? Don't you know how I feel? Forget it!I don't want to see you! – Let go!- Come back! Hee-yeon! Hey! The divorce isn't becauseof me, right? Can't say it's not.

Have a good trip? Thanks to you.

I'm sorry for calling so late at night.

$50, 000.

The cost of the wedding.

If I sue you for compensation, how much can you fork up? But who needs money.

Life is more important, – right?- That's right.


Hello? Is this Ms.

JANG Young? Yes, it is.

– Do you know Hyo-sun?- Stop it.

What? Dong-hee's ex-girlfriend? I'm Hyo-sun's friend.

How could you! – Let go!- Stop it! Hang up! Stop it! SECRET CODE INCORRECT, TRY AGAIN JOO HYO-SUN – Want some rice?- Sure.

Mix it.

I was thinking about when we broke up.

Hmm? There's a reason whywe can't remember.




it wasn't special.

We fought over the same things and made up, so we don't remember.

We dated long and got too used to things.

But it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe we.



broke up because we needed a change.

We can't notice, if we're too used to things.


That's a good point.

So, I was thinking.

Should we get married? Or not.



Not right away.

Let's just think about it.

There's no big rush or anything.

It's just an idea.

Don't feel burdenedor anything.

Let's do it.

– Really?- Yes, let's do it.

– Seriously?- Yes! Do it.

Let's eat! I'm almost there.

It's okay.

I should be thankful for this, instead of getting fired.

I'll call you when it's over.

EMPLOYEE SPECIAL TRAINING Take one and pass them around.

Send them back.




Everyone has one? The handout is on customer management.

Please read it over slowly.

Look at the summaryon the board.

Who are you? Hey! Hey! CHIEF MIN:Ms.

JANG? Are you there? I'm sorry.

The pics aren't what you think.

Trust me.

I heard you're engaged.

I wish you all the best.

I'm so sorry, too.

Who's that? DELETE Just a friend.

What friend? Someone I know.

I came to give you this.

– Thanks.

– Drink it.

Does your boyfriendknow about me? Of course not.

Is he better than me? Please.

Don't talk now.

Bathroom break.

I love it! Why? I was just aboutto go back in.

It's boring.

I thought so, too.

Wanna go eat? Okay! Look here.

If you spend over $50, you get free passesto an amusement park.

– Really?- Yeah.

How much did we order? We just need to order one more.

We can take leftovers home.

Then, let's order.

Excuse me!May I have the menu? Let's go on a weekday.

There will be less people.

Good idea.

Man stealing bitch!Die crazy whore! Who is it? No.



It's nothing.

Are you hiding somethingfrom me? What? No.

– Really?- Yes.

By the way.



Chief MIN apologizeda few days ago.

What? He said he was wrong and felt sorry to you, too.

When? Recently, through Messenger.

So, what did you say? It's okay.

You accepted it? You acceptedthe bastard's apology? Why did you listen to that? What else did he say? That was it.



I'll head in first.

Go home safely.

Okay, bye.

– Thanks for bringing me home.

– No need.

I'd better go.

– Bye.

– Bye.

Things aren't the same after we got back together.

It's like walking on thin ice.

Anxious and insecure.

Like you're obsessedtrying not to fight.

We should try not fight over small things.

It takes effort.

It'll get better, slowly.

We know each other's feelings.

Soon, everything will belike before.

We're both tryingto make it work this time.

It'll work.

She was drunk.

– So?- So, I put her down.

She was so drunkand out of it.

You stripped her? Even her underwear! But she suddenly started puking all over the bed.

What are you talking about! Last time, you saidI could cancel it! Yes, but now it's past.



Do you think I'm stupid? After all my years here! I can explain, sir.

It says here in the contract.

And we all explained it to you when you signed on, sir.

So, please stop arguing.

Little bastard! What did you say? Argue? Shit! Why are you cursing at me! You son of a bitch! I'm sorry.

I thought he was a thief.

What's with Dong-hee? He's acting weird.

So temperamental.

Did you two fight again? No, not at all.

NOTICELEE Dong-hee has been demoted Ms.

JANG! I brought some coffee for you.

– Going somewhere?- Out on a job.

Wanna go out for dinner? I don't knowwhen I'll be done.

– I'll call you.

– Yeah.

– See ya.

– Bye.

I love her.

Of course I love her.

She's always on my mind.

I can't stop thinking about her.

Everything's the same, but something's changed.

No! Stop bothering me.

Ma'am, it's a great plan.

It's okay! I can bring it by whenever you want.

We're all having drinks after work.

Wanna come, too? – I have a date.

– Please.



Hang out with us sometimes, not just Mr.


Next time.

– Fine.

I'll get going.

– Bye.

We didn't break up for long, but things changed.

Why can't it be like before? Ms.

JANG I should try harder to please her and such.

How would I know? If he sees your text, he'll call.


Did you two fight again? It's not that.

Then, why make me lie? After all the fuss, what's with you two? The customer cannot be reached.



– Here.

– Hi! Young came, too? I thought you were busy.

I was.

Let's have drinks.

Can I sit here? – Yes.

Who was here? – Dong-hee?- Yes.

You came? Can you believe that? – I'll go buy cigarettes.

– I have some.



I need mine.

Hello?Yes, hon.

I'm out with my co-workers.

– Hey!- Yes? Where's Mr.

PARK? He went to the bathroom.

I'll go take this call.

Yes, hon.

Where is everybody? Did you sleep in the bathroom? How'd you knowI dozed off? Take care.

– I'm going.


– Bye.

Young! Well.



Let's take a trip, tomorrow.

Remember the amusement parkcoupons we got? Let's take the day off, have fun, and relieve stress.

Let's pack some food and go.

– Okay.

– Really? We're going, then.


Then, see you tomorrow.



– Hello?- Were you asleep? What? Of course not.

I'm on my way.

Where are you? You are? We're really going? Of course.

Is something wrong? No, but.



Okay, let's go.

I'll see you there.

See you later.

She called becauseit's raining.



Where are you exactly? I'll come to you.

Where are you? Hey! Why are you here? It's raining.

But we agreed to meet outside.

You came late.


Let's drop it.

Two people.

This expired last week.

What?We can't use that? You'll have to buy the tickets.

Should we go in or not? – Smile for the camera.

– Okay.

Is it bad? No, it's delicious.

Have some of this, too.

It's good.

– I'll go buy drinks.

– Sure.

Young! JANG Young! What's with you? What are you doing! I'm leaving.

I can't take it any longer.

Stop! Stop right there! Hey! What's wrong with you? You always have your way! Me? Have my way? Can't you see me catering to what you want? I'm doing everything I can to make this work! I'm doing nothing! Have my way? Be honest for a change! Don't pretend to have fun out of a sense of duty! Say you didn't want to come and be here with me! You're always like this! From before, you make me feel bad! You haven't changed a bit.

You're still the same.

I'm sick and tired of trying to make things work by myself.

If you want to break up, say it! I won't blame you! So, just say it! You say it.

What? Why are you telling meto say it? Think you changed?You're just the same! Always sayinghow hard this is for you.

You're pullingthe same old lines! It's hard for me, too! I don't knowwhat to do around you.

I'm afraid you'll regret being back with me.

I can't even breathe.

But you're just thinkingof yourself! How hard it is for you! How much you're trying! All you see is you! It's not just you! Can't you see how crazy this is making me? So you say it.

If you want to break up, say it.

I'm sick of it.

Do you even love me? Are we in a relationship here? I remember now.

We couldn't remember what we fought about last time.

It all came backwhen we were fighting.

Yeah, I remembered it, too.

I asked if we're datingbecause we're in love then, too.

I'll be good.

You did your best.

Yes, you were good to me.

Yes, we both tried really hard.

Does it hurt? I'm okay.

It stopped raining.




Young, wanna ride that before we go? I can't ride scary rides.

I can't either.

Still, let's try it.

We should try it for fun.

I'm the crazy fool! Why are you listening to him! I always orderedthe cheapest stuff.

This is crazy.

I'm scared.

Wanna go together? What do you know? You screwed up, too! Do you still like me? Get on! That's how we broke up.

That was the end.

I'll get going.





When we broke up, there wasn't much to say.

We've been through thismany times.

Dong-hee is probably watching me go, like always.

Our love was not sweet, beautiful, or full of excitement.

It was a normal, ordinary relationship.

But we were both sincere.

We really loved each other.

Probably the most magical thingto happen in my life.

– What's so funny?- This comedian.

I may not remember why we broke up again.

Though I try hard to remember, our fights will grow faint.

Like this scar.

When it's all healed, I'll find someone else, right? Chief LEE! Chief LEE! – Can you hear me?- Chief? Yes.

Yes, sir! You called? – Always so slow to respond.

– Sorry, sir.

Take this.

It's from headquarters.

Thank you.

HIS AND HER INTERVIEWS What is it? Just tickets toa movie premiere.

– A movie?- Yes.

They filmed a documentary about working people.

I forgot about it.

It must be done.

Shouldn't you dress up to go to premieres? I don't haveanything to wear! – Buy her a dress, sir.

– What? Hear that, hon? Why buy?That outfit's pretty, too.

Who goes to a premierein a bank uniform! Forget it!I'll buy it myself! Let's go shopping later.

Great! Young? Let's go shopping.

Count me out.

It'd be nice to dress up.

I have an appointment.

Let's work people! No one's working.

Let's go.

Since when did you workso hard? – Hello, sir.

– Hello.

Young! Over here! You came early.

We made it in time.

– Where are you going?- Enjoy the movie.

Young! It's been a long time.

It has.

Not watching the movie? Go in.

Everyone's inside.








the movie will be boring.

They break up, get back together, and break up again.

Wanna buy a lottery ticket? – Lottery?- Yup.

I'll buy one for each.

I always bought 'em, but never won.

It might work this time.


Who knows it might work.

What should we eat? Black bean noodles?Same restaurant? It's gone now.

Why? The food was good.

Don't know.

Now, what do we eat? Don't know.

We'll find something good.


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