Top 6 interview thank you letter samples


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Writing a letter of appreciation after an interview for a job opening is an excellent idea. Employers may think little of candidates who fail to do a proper follow-up after an interview; they see it as lack of interest for the job position. Following up after an interview via an email or a formal letter is easy. It shows the employer how interested you are in working with them and creates a good impression about you.

The essence of sending an appreciation letter after an interview

Why is it important to send thank you notes? Firstly, sending a thank you letter is a simple display of good manners. Another reason is that an appreciation letter helps refresh your name in the mind of interviewers and creates a good impression.

A perfect way to sell yourself as the ideal candidate for a job is through a thank you letter. You can use this letter in expressing how your skills and experience make you the candidate the company should hire, reflect on activities that came up during the interview and bring up specific information you did not mention during the interview.

You can also show appreciation through a thank you note in other career-related situations such as an appreciation letter to a co-worker for assisting you to grow your network or your boss for helping you accomplish a given task.

Samples of thank you letter

1. A thank you letter sample after a phone interview

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Surname]

I would like to thank you for interviewing me over the phone yesterday for the position of Project Manager.

Please, accept my gratitude for this job opportunity. I am very interested in this position.

Following our discussion yesterday, and reviewing the job requirements and company’s profile, I am confident that my experience and skills [mention your strengths] matches the job requirement.

I would love to be granted a personal interview to discuss my qualifications and provide other information that may be required.

I look forward to a positive response from you soon.

Thanks, once again, for your time and consideration.


[Name of candidate]

2. Appreciation sample for the second interview

Find below a thank you note example to send after a second interview

Your Name

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City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last name:

Thank you for taking your time to interview me for the second time. I am grateful for your interest in me as a candidate for the position as Marketing Director.

Based on our discussion, my experience and competencies with [previous company], in a role similar to this job opening, would enable me to demonstrate leadership qualities, and allow me to provide the supervision and capabilities to improve departmental performance.

I am grateful for this opportunity. Thanks, once more, for your time and consideration.

I await your positive response.

Best Regards,

Your Name.

3. Email to send in case of no response

Waiting for a reply after an interview can be devastating sometimes. You can remind them through an email that you are still interested in the job if you do not hear from them.

Example: It’s been a few weeks since the interview, and I look forward to a positive response concerning the position. During the interview, you stated you need of a resourceful, hardworking and self-motivated individual whom can improve the company’s performance. I am confident that I am the positively driven candidate you are looking for, and I am still interested in the position. I would be glad to know if the position is no longer available. Nevertheless, I wanted to remind you about my interest for the job. Please contact me if you if you have any questions.

4. Email seeking time to consider a job offer

Finally, after a successful interview, you got the job offer but need time to think about it. You should consider sending an email asking for more time.

Example: Thanks for the opportunity given to me to be a part of this organization. It is a dream come true for me. However, I will be grateful if given some time to reflect on the offer. Once more, I am honored at the prospect of being a part of your team. I understand that you are time conscious. Will it be all right if I get back to you next week?

5. Email to accept an offer

The next thing on your mind may be how do you accept an offer for a job you have finally secured, especially when the offer is exciting.

Sample: I appreciate the opportunity given to me to work with your organization. It is a dream come true for me. I am thrilled about the offer and would like to accept the position as [name job position]. I look forward to working with your team and contribute my quota towards achieving organizational goals.

6. Email to reject an offer

You can send an email to decline a job offer if you get a better offer than what’s on the table.

Example: I want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your organization. However, I must decline to accept because of another competitive offer. Making this decision was not easy, especially after the experience I had with your team. I took this other position because [state reason]. Thanks, once more, for the job offer.